Week 5 – dB and Reference Levels

dB and reference levels: dBSPL, dBFS, +4dBu, -10 dBV


Asynchronous AssignmentS (due next week)

  • What is a Decibel?  How many values are necessary to calculate a Decibel value?
  • Which reference level (dBSPL, dBFS, +4/-10) is used for the following: sound, digital audio, analog audio?
  • What is the difference between +4dBu and -10dBV?
  • Which amplitude level (Peak, Nominal, Noise Floor) does each of the following give us: dBSPL, dBFS, +4/-10

Please submit your response as a .pdf file and name it “Week 5 Asynchronous ENT1270 [YOURLASTNAME]”.  eg. “Week 5 Asynchronous ENT1270 Werden.pdf”.  Copy your submission to the Asynchronous Submission Folder.