Day13 12/3/2019

How was the Thanksgiving? Did you buy something on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

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14 Responses to Day13 12/3/2019

  1. Kelvin Lee says:

    it was good and no i did not.

  2. It was okay, nope I didn’t.

  3. Thanks Giving was great and i didn’t get anything

  4. Luis Mendez says:

    Thanksgiving was good and I did buy something

  5. Mateen. A says:

    thanksgiving was ok. yeah i bought some clothes black friday

  6. It was alright, Didn’t buy anything

  7. Temon says:

    It was typical, however i didn’t buy anything.

  8. My Thanksgiving was great but didn’t buy anything on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

  9. Thanksgiving was great, bought some clothing.

  10. Saima Jabbar says:

    Thanksgiving was great and yes I bought something on Black Friday

  11. Worked Thanksgiving till 1am, Black Friday until 11pm and Saturday and Sunday until 10PM. I work inventory at Best Buy.

    Was exhausting! I bought an Electric Purple Playstation 4 controller, thats all.

  12. reyqua says:

    Thanksgiving was good, spent half of it at work.

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