Possible Solutions(OMNY)

      A solution is needed, Based on the issues above something new or at least an upgrade is in demand. Something that doesn’t or at least combats getting damaged, money recovery and environmental waste.

This brings us to the introduction of OMNY, One Metro New York, which is the concept of contact less payment. A first step in seemingly the right direction, and still improving.

The benefits that OMNY brings that while although its still a card being used the card is more durable then the previous version, Metro Card. This means its harder to get damaged, also it reads an Rf-ID signal which lessens the chance of a malfunctioning happening as it does so often when swiping a Metro Card. This quicker process also since wireless had a interesting feature that allows its user to view the ride history ensuring all the users money is accounted for.

One of the biggest features that users can get behind is the various payment methods one can take to fund the OMNY card, convenience is always on the customers mind. So far OMNY is applicable with the Apple pay and Samsung Payment method, making the users cellphone a hand held terminal where one can see all their information surrounding their MTA transaction. As everything ties into making this as sustainable as possible the new system makes the users phone the crux of the OMNY system as you load up a card, all visible through phone, its harder for a person to lose their phone then their Metro Card and as a card is lost the money will be refunded after a small process.