About( identify/ photos/ team info)

The team members include a total of four students attending City Tech, coming from different backgrounds and different interest.

Daniel Lawrence

        I am an Engineering Major going into third year at City Tech.  Living in New York my whole life growing up using the MTA I’ve seen the changes first hand, even the fare increases. Which played a major factor on why I personally chose this topic, using the MTA is so relatable as its the auto-mobiles only competition living in NY. Seeing the MTA put a foot forward and not being complacent in having little to no competition in NY shows them in a positive light, that the MTA isn’t just taking New Yorkers money with increases and still provide the same outdated and unreliable services.

 Amir Radoncic



Julia Shin

Born and raised in New York City, I have many experiences using the MTA to get around from one place to another. Now that I am studying Electrical Engineering Technology at New York City College of Technology, I am very interested in how we can use various technological systems to help improve the current systems offered by the MTA especially if it can increase rider-convenience.


Jeremy Corona