Instructions for Memoir Revisions (and Late Assignments)


Nice work on the Memoir Assignments. The first round has been graded. Check for your grades on Blackboard.

There were some strong A papers and many B range papers. One issue that has  come up: the instructions and the grading rubric we looked at during class time specifically require that you respond to one of four categories we specifically discussed and practiced in class: writing to un-silence the silences; writing about your relationship with money; writing about your life in chapters; or writing about your relationship with your name.  In some way, your memoir must address one of these three categories.

This rest of this post offers instructions for your memoir assignment revisions and the required  Note to the Reader.

Please note that:

  • Revisions are optional and not required (unless you did not turn in an assignment for a grade yet).
  • See my notes on your work on the rubric and the text on Blackboard
  • All revisions must include a two paragraph revision note at the top–see  the instructions below on this same post.
  • Revisions and late papers must be turned in on Blackboard between Thursday, May 19  and the end of the day on Sunday, May 22, 11:59 pm.
  • No revisions or late papers  will be considered after that date and time.

Instructions for the Revision Note

  • At the top of your revision, write a two paragraph reflection titled Letter to Reader. (Revisions submitted without this note will not be considered for a higher grade.)
  1. In the first paragraph of the letter, tell the reader what you intend the memoir to do for its readers. You might answer the following: Why did you choose this particular category (names, money, or unsilencing the silences)? What do you want the reader to understand most clearly about your life after reading this memoir? (This helps me understand  your overall purpose or intention.)
  2. In the second paragraph of the letter, let the reader know what changes you made on this revision and why you made them.  

After you’ve drafted this letter, think about whether the changes you mention in the letter match up with the revision that follows. Will I be able to see the changes that your letter suggests? If not, then use the letter as a revising tool to make a few more adjustments to your revision.

Then, turn in the revision and the Revision Note on time in the Major Assignments folder on Blackboard.

As always, email with questions:

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