ENG 1141 Reminder: In-Class Readings Today (Bring your words!)

This is a reminder that we have short in-class readings today, so bring words to share. We need to get through everyone today, so you will have a short time, about 3-4 minutes, to share the work that you think has been most rewarding for you to write in this semester’s class.

You can read from your poetry, your fiction, or your memoir. Choose a paragraph or two to read along with the title of the work. This is related to the reflective writing assignment that serves as our final during this finals week.

We will also talk about the Reflective Writing Assignment. Today is important! Every day is important. However, as this is finals week, I’m certain you are all working hard in all of your classes.

I’ll see you soon at 2:30 pm today in our classroom!
Prof. Sears

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