Poetry Assignment: Instructions for Revisions

Revision is an important part of creative writing. In some ways, the revision process is where the real creative process begins.This post offers instructions for revisions and the  Revision Note required for this second round. Those who are turning in late assignments will not have the chance to revise them again.

Revisions and late papers are due by the end of the day on Tuesday, March 22. Revisions and late papers must be turned in on time. No poetry assignments will accepted after that day.

If you wish to review the original Poetry Assignment, look HERE.


  • Read my comments on your work on Blackboard.
  • Reread your own work aloud to yourself or to a listener if you have it (friend, relative, pet, etc.) You can read in person, on the phone, on FaceTime, or in any manner. The act of hearing your own words aloud is the important piece.
  • Make changes on your work as you see necessary.
  • At the top of your revision, write a Revision Note following the instructions below. (Revisions submitted without this letter will not be considered for a higher grade.) Though I must understand what you are stating, grammar is not a part of the assessment for the Revision Note.
  • Why am I asking for a Revision Note? See  below.
  • Submit the revision with the Revision Note to Blackboard on time in the Major Assignments folder which will reopen on Sunday, March 20 and close at the end of the day on Tuesday, March 22 when all revisions and late papers will be graded.

Revision Note

      1. In the first paragraph, tell the reader what you intend the poems to do for the reader. Reflect on the purpose or the effect you want the overall assignment to have on the readers. You might also write about how comments from your peers or the instructor might have helped you and which class resources might have helped you, such as the readings or class discussions.
      2. In the second paragraph, describe the your process of working on the revision. Tell the reader what changes you made on this revision and why. This will let me know how to compare the new draft you are turning in with the first draft to consider the effort you’ve made when I reconsider the assignment grade.

Note: After you’ve drafted this process letter, think about whether the changes you mention match up with the revision that follows. Will I be able to see the changes in your work that your letter suggests? If not, then use the letter as a revising tool to make a few more adjustments to your revision. Then, turn in the revision and Revision Note, preferably as a single pdf document, on time in the Major Assignments folder on Blackboard.


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