Poetry Assignment

Poetry Assignment

Assignment Description

In class we have discussed and read examples of the following poetic forms:

  • Sestina
  • Pantoum
  • Abecedarian
  • Free verse

You have also practiced them—with some impressive results–on class discussion boards and in class. A complete review of the poetic forms is in this post: Review of Poetic Forms and Poetic Terms

For this assignment, you will create, workshop, and revise two different poetic forms, based on our exploration of these forms through reading and writing exercises. You can use work you’ve already posted in our class as starting points for your submission.

 Submission Requirements

For this assignment, you must submit two poems exploring  two different forms we’ve discussed in class. You can develop poems you’ve already started in class through exercises and on the discussion boards. Or, you can start new poems using the guidelines for each form that we have discussed.

Each of the following count as one poem:

  1. 1 complete sestina with a title: 6 stanzas of 6 lines, and one 3 line envoi (39 lines total) with a title
  2. 1 complete pantoum with a title: 4 stanzas of four lines (16 lines total) with a title
  3. 1 abedecarian poem with a title: the whole alphabet (26 lines long)
  4. 1 free verse poem with a title: at least 15 lines long

Note: for the assignment, you must explore two different options. For example, your might turn in one free verse and one pantoum. Or, one abecedarian and one sestina.

Due Dates

DUE: Thursday, March 10, 2:30 pm in-class: bring your poems to class for our peer review. Note that workshop participation is configured into the overall grade. You can bring your poems printed out or on a device that you can pass around to your peers.

DUE: Tuesday, March 15, end of the day, on Blackboard: upload your poetry assignment as a pdf or word file for a grade assessment from the instructor.

To do well on the assignment

  • Observe the submission requirements and turn in a complete assignment
  • Show effort and thoughtfulness in your writing. This is an introductory course. You are not expected to be an expert poet. You are expected to show that you are trying.
  • Show general understanding of the specific poetic forms you have chosen
  • Participate in the Peer Review  and reviewing your peers’ work in class on Thursday, March 10.
  • Turn the assignment by the end of the day on Tuesday, March 15 on Blackboard. If you turn the assignment in on time, you will have time to revise your work.

Lateness and Revision Policy


If you turn in the work on SafeAssign on time, you will have one chance to revise the assignment. Instructions for revisions will be provided.

Late Assignments

If you do not turn in the assignment on the due date on Blackboard, you can turn in your assignment on the revision due date. Late papers do not lose points for being late. You will, however, lose your chance to revise your work.

Poetry Assignment Grading Rubric

Poetry Rubric Fall 2021


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