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1: Purpose- To educate people about a school program

2: Audience- Parents and Students

3: Rhetorical Appeals

Logos: Discusses how the program “Has 100,000 students around the world.” This statistic appeals to logos as it gives a fact to the audience to show the impact which they have all around the world.

Ethos: IBM is a huge company that has been successful throughout its years as well as having a big role in history. This shows that IBM has a lot of experience and can be seen as a credible business.

Pathos: They discuss how ‘If one student gets left behind, we all all get left behind’. This introduces a call to action scenario where a new program can help to change that. This appeals to emotions because it shows that not only is a new education model being created, but in this model, students and faculty become like family, and help one another to reach an end goal.

4: Modes and Media- This is a TV commercial that uses audio and visuals to promote a school program.


Design: This Ad is in the form of video whereas it looks cinematic. There are some titles that attempt to get a main message across.

Common elements: It plays during commercial breaks on TV

Sources: No sources were mentioned.


Introduction: Nothing New…

Hello my name is Elliot Vidalon, an COMD 2nd year student in city tech as you can see from the 2:30 pm class. For this old open lab account since a year my avatar is a drawn anime character named saber (a fictional character) a simple just showing my interest of illustrator and a man of culture such as myself. I also mention that I’m a musician with a skill of playing piano, guitar, trumpet and drums. I’ve used this open lab account before for my previous class from the last two semester such as english I, graphic design I, etc. So I’m familiar with some of the inputs and I think I’ll be good running this websites as long as I know the assignments everything is going to be fine.