1: Purpose- To educate people about a school program

2: Audience- Parents and Students

3: Rhetorical Appeals

Logos: Discusses how the program “Has 100,000 students around the world.” This statistic appeals to logos as it gives a fact to the audience to show the impact which they have all around the world.

Ethos: IBM is a huge company that has been successful throughout its years as well as having a big role in history. This shows that IBM has a lot of experience and can be seen as a credible business.

Pathos: They discuss how ‘If one student gets left behind, we all all get left behind’. This introduces a call to action scenario where a new program can help to change that. This appeals to emotions because it shows that not only is a new education model being created, but in this model, students and faculty become like family, and help one another to reach an end goal.

4: Modes and Media- This is a TV commercial that uses audio and visuals to promote a school program.


Design: This Ad is in the form of video whereas it looks cinematic. There are some titles that attempt to get a main message across.

Common elements: It plays during commercial breaks on TV

Sources: No sources were mentioned.