The other day I was walking on Fulton Street and I saw a big Advertisement of a Cookie department store. The color was red, blue and white which catch people’s attention. Another thing that catches their attention is the way how the words are shown and being described about what they sell in their stores.. It has big letter like; SCHOOL UNIFORMS FOR BOYS, AND GIRLS, BRAND NAMES, TOYS, and SHOES etc. Also, there are mannequins wearing clothes right outside of the store which of course people love to see. And it’s important for people to see so they can know what they are going to buy. The rhetorical appeal shows that ethos is reliable in which they have all the accessories that society wants to obtain specially for children around the world. And at the same time shows pathos because shows emotions and grabs attention. The modes of the ads is visual advertises which makes a connection with buyers who loves to shop.