Homosexuality: Is it a gene mutation or sexual attraction

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Being attracted to the same gender is fine. There is nothing wrong with that. I believe that homosexuality is based on physiology-social. Some people on the other hand would disagree with me and say that it’s based on genetics. According to the article “homosexuality: born or bred?” , “The innate-immutable finds no basis in science” and “The gene and immate history,”
All have reason to believe why being gay is not a gene.

For quite a long time researchers and the general population everywhere have discussed whether gay people are conceived or made-whether their sexual introduction is the consequence of a hereditary toll of the bones or a mix of development factors in their childhood. Being a homosexual has nothing to do with a gene that scientist think they are born with. According to the article “Innate-Immutable” one researcher states “our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction…No one is born gay. The ideas is ridiculous…Homosexuality is an adaptation. Not an unborn trait.” So what this researcher is trying to explain is that we were all made to reproduce and continue life on. If being gay was a gene there would be no need to reproduce.

The word gay had many different meaning to it. It could me being happy, or lighthearted or carefree, and even homosexual, But today we use the word for only one meaning and that’s towards people that have the same attraction to the same gender. According to Simon LeVay, he states “It’s important to stress that I didn’t find. I did not prove that homosexuality is genetic or find a genetic cause of being gay”. Simon LeVay is a neuroscientist that was trying to find a gene that would prove that being gay is something that you are born with. But according to his research he didn’t find anything to prove that his theory was correct. Men and woman who are attracted to the same gender, are not born with a gene that makes them gay.

Some people believe that being gay is just what you attracted too. I have a few gay friends that say they don’t believe it’s a gene because as you get old and start to hit puberty, you start seeing and exploring new things. You are trying to figure at what you like and what you are attracted too. If there was a gene for being a homosexual doctors would have let you the parent know at birth. There are a lot of researchers that are doing all this research and still do not have enough evidence to prove that there is a gene gay people are born with. According to the article “The Last Mile” Bieber states “ultimately, in some boys, a subconscious desire to identify with the mother and to emasculate the father became manifest as a choice to embrace a lifestyle that fell outside the norm. The sexual “polio victim” adopts a pathological style of being. Bieber argued, just as victims of polio might grasps a pathological style of walking. By the late 1980s, the notion that homosexuality represents the choice of a deviant lifestyle had sclerosed into dogma.” Bieber explains that being a homosexual is a choice and a lifestyle that men or woman pick to live and that has nothing to do with a gene. He also states “Homosexuality is more of a choice than a biological situation.”

Some people on the other hand would disagree with my claim. In the article “Homosexuality: Born or Bred” it’s states that Doug Barnett was practicing heterosexual. He had a twin brother who also came out saying he was gay too. Barnett, who believed that sexual orientation is genetic. Barnett at one point was thinking that it was inherited. They believe that if you are twins that if one is gay, then the other one will most likely be gay. Also according to the article it states “LeVay determined that a tiny area believed to control sexual activity was less than half the size in the gay men than in the heterosexual.” LeVay believed it to be a smal area in the brain where it can show sexual attraction between men and woman that like the same gender.

In conclusion, being attracted to the same gender doesn’t have anything to do with a gene. I believe that it’s whatever you are attracted to and who you like. If being gay was a gene then doctors would be able to tell parents that when child is born.


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