Extra Office Hours

Your Research Project is DUE this Wednesday.  (Please see previous post for details of what you must submit.) I CANNOT ACCEPT LATE ASSIGNMENTS.

If you have any questions, please come see me TODAY. I am having extended office hours: 1-2pm, 3-4pm, and 5:15-5:45pm in Namm 506.  No appointment needed, just stop in.

After today, I will not be able to meet to provide feedback on your Research Project.

End of Semester Reminders

1) Final Exam on Monday 12/16. I handed out the article in class today. It is the same format as the midterm, so please review the Midterm Prep document on OpenLab. Extra copies of the exam article will be in Namm 506 on Thursday.

2) Research Project is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday 12/18. You need to turn in four things: (1) A corrected Annotated Bibliography with a minimum of four sources that are in your final paper; (2) A complete outline– no corrections necessary; (3) Your final research paper with MLA citations; (4) a Works Cited page for your paper that is in proper MLA format and contains ALL the sources used in your paper. PLEASE look at the Research Project Packet for the details for all of these pieces. I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCEPT LATE OR EMAILED RESEARCH PROJECTS.

3) Check your email on Thursday for any Research Project pieces that you turned in, but have not received feedback on yet. If you are expecting feedback, but do not receive something from me by the end of the day on Thursday, EMAIL ME ASAP!

I promise to respond to email quickly this weekend, so if you look at the Research Project Packet and you are still confused about something, you can email me.



For Wednesday 12/4

As discussed, I switched the reading for Wednesday.

You need to read “Why ‘Stop-and’Frisk’ Inflamed Black and Hispanic Neighborhoods,” by Ashley Southall and complete HW #16.

If you didn’t complete HW #15 (‘Our Stories’), you can do it by Wednesday with no penalty.

** I still need to see Thesis Statements from a few of you.

** Please work on your Research Paper Outlines BEFORE Wednesday, so that you can ask me questions in class.