Reading Assignments

“Why Is Writing a Process?”

“Overview of Writing as a Process”

“If Black English Isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?,” James Baldwin



“The Misery of Silence,” Maxine Hong Kingston

“Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan


“Structural Revision”

“Line Editing”


“Writing an Argumentative Essay”

“Claim, Reasons, and Evidence”

“Logical Argumentation”

“Thesis Statements”

“Is Google Making Us Stupid?,” Nicholas Carr

“What Reparations for Slavery Might Look Like in 2019,” Patricia Cohen

“The Death of the Book,” Ursula LeGuin

“Subject Verb Agreement”

“Verb Tense Changes”

“Fragments and Run Ons”

“Comma Splices”

“The Research Process”

“Creating a Research Question”


“Ethical Citation”

“MLA Format”

“Research Notes”

“…True Cause of the Gender Wage Gap,” Sarah Kliff

“A Functional Immigration System Would Look Nothing Like America’s,” Krishnadev Calamur

“The Immigration Act That Inadvertently Changed Everything,” Tom Gjelten

“Library Review”


“Keywords + Searching”

“Assessing Sources”

“America’s Wealth Gap Is Split Along Racial Lines,” Alvin Chang

“How Housing Intensifies the Racial Wealth Gap,” Joe Cortright

“Why ‘Stop-and’Frisk’ Inflamed Black and Hispanic Neighborhoods,” Ashley Southall