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Project Instructions

Project Instructions:

  • Get the professor approval for your project idea.
  • Submit the proposal by Week 11.
  • Work on your project and make sure it works.
  • Show your project working on Week 14
    • As a BACKUP, take a video of your project running
  • Submit a description of your project with the code in a single document via Blackboard by Week 14.

Click here for a tutorial to get started with C++ on your Raspberry Pi

Also check this video with a step-by-step description of C++ on the Raspberry Pi

Proposal Instructions

Project Proposal Instructions:

  • Get familiar with the Raspberry Pi device.
  • Setup the Raspberry Pi and make sure you figure out how to launch the terminal.
  • Brainstorm several project ideas (recommended 3 at least) that you’d be interested in implementing in C/C++ and run it on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Consult your ideas with the professor to get approval.
  • Once you get approval for your idea submit a 1-page maximum description of it via Blackboard by the deadline
    • Deadline: Week 11, right after the 2nd Exam
  • Project is individual