Week 5, Lecture

Also, as I mentioned in the lecture, I created a Job Search Advice website this past weekend. It includes a video lecture on job hunting, resume and cover letter writing, and interviewing. Also, I included links to sample documents and templates, and links to other valuable resources. This isn’t a required part of the class, but I hope that some of you might find it useful. We can talk about job hunting during office hours, too.

Week 2, Lecture

I split this week’s lecture into two videos. Remember to have something out to write with as you watch the videos so that you can make useful notes on what I discuss.

The first introduces the overall week’s work, gives reminders about OpenLab and office hours, and discusses what Technical Writing/Technical Communication is.

The second covers the first major project–the 500-word summary, how to find an article using the library’s databases, where to find information about APA style and the memo format, and this week’s weekly writing assignment.

Useful links referred to during this lecture:

Week 1, Lecture

Since this is the first week, there are a lot of things that we need to cover. This means that these lectures are longer than most lectures this semester will be. In the videos below, I cover how to join our OpenLab course site, the syllabus, my background, rhetoric basics, and the first weekly writing assignment.

You will want to review the syllabus and look at the schedule on it for the tasks that need to be done this week. This includes watching and note taking on the lectures, reading and note taking on two assigned readings, and completing the first weekly writing assignment.

00:00 Welcome
03:46 Join our class on OpenLab
21:47 Syllabus

00:00 Background on Prof. Ellis
17:43 Communication and Rhetoric Refresher Lecture
35:11 First Weekly Writing Assignment