Important Reminders

  • If you have any questions about the class or assignments, reach out to me by email at jellis at We can talk over email, or we can make an appointment for office hours.
  • Please fill out the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) for our class! You can find this in your school email (if you don’t see it, check your spam folder). In particular, your comments, which are anonymous, are very helpful.
  • Check your grades. As I’ve discussed in past lectures, you can check your project grades and read my feedback by clicking on “Check My Grades” on the left side of our OpenLab site. If you don’t see a grade for one of your major projects, you should send me an email. Also, you can go into our Site’s Dashboard > Comments to check some of your weekly writing assignments.
  • I want you all to know that your collaborative project is difficult even in the best of circumstances when we were holding in-person classes. Now, those challenges are compounded even more with distance learning. As you all work to complete these final projects, please keep these things in mind:
    • Be kind and understanding to one another. Work things out as a team as much as possible. However, you can loop me in at any point if it’s big issue or something that you cannot find a way to resolve. I want to help you as much as possible, but I also want to give your team the space to discover solutions, too.
    • Maintain good communication channels. Don’t go silent.
    • Work out responsibilities within your team. Be aware that depending on circumstances, you might have to shift or adjust these.
    • Do your best. I know you all have terrific affordances (skills and knowledge) and realistic constraints (time, energy, and resources). Do the best that you can by finding the middle way between your affordances and constraints.
  • Be well, stay safe, and have a strong finish to the semester!

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