Week 15, Weekly Writing Assignment

For this week’s Weekly Writing assignment, I would like you to choose a different person from your team than the previous persons who emailed me last week and the week before. This new team member should write an email to me (jellis at citytech.cuny.edu) and cc all the other team members. Use the subject, “ENG2575, Week 15 Update.” In the body of your email, write a professional message of about 250 words describing what your team has done over the past week to work on the project. This email should be written collaboratively through conversation (phone, Zoom, Google Hangouts) or text communication (text message, social media, etc.). It isn’t up one person to write this email. All team members are expected to say and contribute something to the email about what your team has been doing. For example: Did you have a meeting? Who is working on what? What research leads were found? What do you plan to do next? Don’t forget to include a salutation to open and a closing at the end. This is due by Wednesday, Dec. 9.

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