Week 14, Lecture


Due Dates

The Collaborative Project is due by Monday, Dec. 21. No work will be accepted after that date as I need time to grade and submit grades. As an incentive, I am offering 1 bonus point per day that your team submits your collaborative project early up to 7 points (essentially one week early). If you need until Monday, Dec. 21 to complete the project, I want you to take it, but if your team is done early and feels good about your deliverables, you may turn it in early and receive the bonus points.

Any individual projects and weekly writing assignments are also due by Monday, Dec. 21. If you haven’t done a project, please get it done and submit it (remember: something is better than nothing). If you have any questions about this, please email me at jellis

Student Website Examples

Remember, yours will be slightly different due to the different affordances and constraints of our current situation during the pandemic. Yours should have a landing/first page that includes your presentation video embedded on the page, a shared/viewable link to your analytical research report, and brief description of your project; a problem page summarizing your research; a solutions page summarizing your research; and an “About” page with short bios for each team member.

Presentation Recording

The links below last week’s lecture might be useful, too.


Review the lectures and links for the previous weeks that relate to the collaborative project.

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