Week 12, Weekly Writing Assignment

For this week’s weekly writing assignment, your team should have emailed your topic to Professor Ellis beforehand.

Please watch this week’s lecture before proceeding.

Then, one team member should create a Google Doc and share it with all team members. See this week’s lecture for instructions on doing that. Team members will need to tell whoever takes point on this their Gmail/Google Drive email addresses.

Next, copy-and-paste the outline for your analytical research report that I provided below in the “Week 12, Project, Focusing on the Analytical Research Report” post below. This document is now where your team will write together–share research, write the report, format it, etc. You can write all at the same time or you can write at different times. Do not be afraid to edit and add to this document.

Finally, one team member should create a sharable link for viewing, again, refer to this week’s lecture for instructions on how to do this, and email that link to Prof. Ellis (jellis at citytech.cuny.edu). Be sure to cc your other team members on that email so that they know it has been sent.

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