`Factors Influencing the Success of Information Systems in Flood Early Warning and Response Systems Context,” by Waleed A. Hammood

This memo in a 500-word summary of the articles “Factors Influencing the Success of Information Systems in Flood Early Warning and Response Systems Context,” by  Waleed A. Hammood a faculty of computing at the College of Computing and Applied Sciences. This article abstractly tells us about how the flood flash is becoming more of a natural disaster and they need a good response system to give them more accurate and reliable data on the flood flash. The floods endangered a lot of people in the villages and cost them their lives. These floods started to become damaging and dangerous because of the climate change that was going on in the world. The amount of flood damages can make construction work very expensive because there is a lot of work that has to be put into the damages that has to be fixed.Over decades they had local goods for the community because that will help them as a whole during these dangerous flood risks. The local government has a big role when coming to mitigation. The Flood Early Warning and Response System (FEWRS) is an information system that can change the risks of floods about to occur.  The FEWRS is instant flood information and there are three different stages of floods that it records. The three floods can make it more clear on how bad the flash floods will be.

There are advance warnings to lessen the flash flood because it’s a tool that helps make a success on the FEWRS. The more advanced the warnings are, the more signals we will get for the information systems. The information system is important because it sends all signals for the flash flood. Signals play a big role in the systems because it puts everything in place and gives more clarity.  Some systems are having a lack of information that will have an impact on the flood disaster because of the factors that contribute to the success of these systems.FEWRS has limited their focus to more on disaster management to watch more of the system. The success factor is more to focus on. The IS model is important because without it wouldn’t be any relations with the market and therefore nothing with the organization that’s there. 

 The IS model has more interests than the other models and IS has shown their success in what they do. It has helped researchers choose their factor that will work well with the FEWRS. Some people can’t make up their mind if they want the FEWRS or IS because they must have a different understanding of these factors. The chart is showing the most important factors that will show which is to go to when wanting a good organization. Flood hazard involving engineering that can be expensive.  “According to Baudoin et al. and Meyer [8, 12], information-based disaster tool such as FEWRS can be adopted to forecast and to provide recommendation to decision makers on natural disasters based on factors that contribute to the success of FEWRS” 

Hammood, W. A., Asmara, S. M., Arshah, R. A., Hammood, O. A., Al Halbusi, H., Al-Sharafi, M. A., & Khaleefah, S. H. (2020). Factors influencing the success of information systems in flood early warning and response systems context. Telkomnika, 18(6), 2956–2961. https://doi.org/10.12928/TELKOMNIKA.v18i6.14666

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