Week 4, Project, Peer Review Underway

Space man graffiti with the writing "Dnt watch tv."

I just wanted to send a note to everyone acknowledging that most of the peer review teams have started circulating their first drafts of the 500-word summary via email. Excellent work!

While it would be ideal to have drafts circulated and peer review feedback received by Wednesday when I post our next lecture, it is okay if you need a little extra time on this first project.

What I would ask students in need of additional time to do is please send an email to your peer review team members letting them know that you need a little extra time and that you will send your draft to them by such-and-such date and time. This gives your team an important heads-up about your needs and it helps them adjust their work to be ready to read and respond to your writing as quickly as possible after the time you promise to send it to them.

We will be making use of the peer review that you receive, so hold on to it for next week’s weekly writing assignment and the conclusion of the 500-word summary project.

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