Assignment: Lecture 10 on New Wave Science Fiction

Lecture 10 on New Wave Science Fiction, Harlan Ellison, and Philip K. Dick is embedded above. Write your own notes into your notebook for the lecture and your readings of Ellison’s “Repent, Harlequin, Said the Ticktockman!” and Dick’s “The Electric Ant.” Then, add a comment to this post of at least 250-words summarizing the lecture and your readings before Wednesday, April 29.

Keep track of the lectures and readings. You can check the Dashboard > Comments on our site to see if you’ve missed any 250-word summaries. If you have, get them done and send me an email letting me know which ones you’ve caught up on.

As I’ve said before, this is a challenging time that we find ourselves in right now. To be a successful student with distance learning requires tremendous self-discipline. I know that you all can do it, but depending on your circumstances, it can take more or less conscious effort on your part.

If you haven’t reached out to me yet about your research essay, please send me an email to jellis at with your plan. I’ll reply with some feedback and advice.

I will have my weekly office hours via Google Hangouts on Wednesday, April 22 between 5-6pm. I’ll post an announcement beforehand with the link. Email me if you need to talk at a different day/time.

If you’ve seen the film Galaxy Quest, you know the catchphrase: “Never give up! Never surrender!”