Poetry Workshop Opportunity

This is an opportunity both for building your poetry writing chops and it is something worthy of including on a resume:

Interference Archive has just launched a new poetry and discussion series. We’re reaching out to you because for our upcoming May event we’re recruiting local college students who work in retail, food, and related industries to participate in a creative writing workshop. The workshop will be hosted in collaboration with Mark Nowak of the Worker Writers School (@WorkerWriters) and Retail Action Project (@RetailAction) and will be followed by a public reading and discussion on intersections of poetry and labor. We are asking you to invite 1-3 of your students to this unique opportunity and ask that they RSVP using this link.
When: May 31st from 5:30-6:45

After Class Writing: Galloway’s “What is New Media? Ten Years After The Language of New Media”

Before our next class, write at least 250 words summarizing the important points from the reading and lecture on Alexander R. Galloway’s “What is New Media? Ten Years After The Language of New Media.” Think about how Galloway approaches Manovich’s arguments and perspective, and include some of the keywords that we discussed.

Extra Credit Opportunity: Avoiding Plagiarism, Thursday, Apr 19, 1-2pm

Avoiding Plagiarism

Academic misconduct can be less obvious than you think. This workshop will give you practical information to ensure your writing is plagiarism-free.

DATE: Thursday, April 19th, 2018

TIME: 1:00PM – 2:00PM

ROOM: Namm 700

Open to all City Tech Students. Faculty encouraged to attend.

This workshop is highly recommended to everyone to attend. If you would like to use this as an extra credit opportunity, write at least 250 words about what you learned. Make sure that you include a definition of plagiarism in your own words. If you cite anything, add references at the bottom of your essay.

Student Counseling and Workshops

As we approach the end of the semester, please don’t think that you’re in this alone. Of course, I can help you with our class, and your classmates might be willing and able to help, too. City Tech’s Counseling Staff are also here to help you succeed with one-on-one sessions and valuable workshops. Find out more info here: http://www.citytech.cuny.edu/counseling/counseling-services.aspx