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A Communication Design Portfolio

Video Project


Working on this video project was really fun. It was interesting to look back at work from previous semesters and from my personal projects. The whole experience was nostalgic, to say the least. The challenges I faced while working on this project was mostly getting the right resolution for my images and when exporting the video. Overall I learned the basics of editing and working with video editing software rather than working on design software. This whole project was interesting to work with.

Visual Quote Project

Concept 1: 

My first concept had a direction of a mixture of typeface and vector drawing. I took the famous quote from The Terminator, “I’ll Be Back” and used its own font instead of using a font similar to it. The words I wanted to emphasize was the quote itself but also the vector image that I created. I primarily wanted the viewer’s eyes to focus on the quote with its bold white letters. The design of this concept came to me by immediately remembering the T-800 endoskeleton since it is one of the most memorable characters from the movie. This concept isn’t necessarily different from the other two because one other concept uses a vector drawing. However, this one uses a famous character from the movie series combined with the typeface. 

Concept 2:

For this second concept, I wanted to incorporate vector drawing within the typeface. The shotgun shells substitute for the double L’s in “I’ll” and are there to draw the viewer’s attention to the quote. The same thing with the first concept, I added a vector drawing on the bottom of the quote. The sunglasses are a major tribute to the movie. I chose the white background in order for the shadow to pop out more on the vector drawing.

Concept 3:

For my final concept, I mainly stuck with the “Terminator” typeface with a simple black background. My main focus was the quote for the viewer by making it the center of attention. With the typeface, I incorporated a bright red flare growing increasingly bright within each word. This was supposed to represent how the Terminator’s eye would glow red when it was booting up. This red flare goes perfect with the quote by making the red flare growing as it reached the word “Back”.

Blue Exhibit Report

The Nassau County Museum of Art is dedicated to preserving various forms of art and displaying their vast collections. Their overall mission is to inform people of all ages of the deeper meaning of art in culture and through their educational programs.

Bettina WitteVeen “Buddha Mind” 2019

The first piece I chose is a Buddhist C-print and photographed by Bettina Witteveen. The size of this piece is 22 x 22 inches. This piece was made by color reversing the colors bronze and gold to blue. The color Blue was chosen by Bettina because she wanted to show the differences between the colors like a day(Bronze and Gold) and night(Blue). I chose this piece because it caught my eye by seeing the Buddha statue in colors I never imagined it could be in.

Christopher Winter “Huxley’s Guide to Switzerland” 2011

The second piece I chose is an acrylic painting on canvas by Christopher Winter. The size of this piece is 35.5 x 27.5 inches. The colors used for this painting is ultramarine and cerulean. These two colors are referenced by the artist as the founding fathers of blue. I chose this painting because the floating characters and the one-point perspective caught my eye.

Han Qin “The Direction of Migration (Diptych)” 2019

The final piece I chose is a cyanotype on paper by Han Quin. The size of this painting is 3307 x 94.5 inches. The use of the color blue helped get the message across. This painting gave off a phobia of oceans. The silhouettes reminded me of people drowning in the ocean which caught my eye.

This was definitely a crazy year with COVID going on. With this, going to a virtual tour felt a bit weird because I am not able to visually see the pieces in person. This virtual tour was insightful and helpful to see many great pieces.