The whole process will take about 2 months. I’m planning to finish the project before May to have an extra time in case if I will need to make some changes or replace some pieces.

The main dependency linkages are getting details and all necessary components and making a software.



  1. Generating Idea
  2. Make a sketch
  3. List Functionality
  4. List details
  5. Order details
  6. Test all components
    1. buttons
    2. raspberry pi
    3. PureData on raspberry pi
    4. touchscreen
  7. Calculations
    1. calculate storage needed
    2. calculate power
  8. PureData software
  9. Prepare a case
    1. 3D Models
    2. Laser-cutting file .jpg
      1. Acrylic
      2. Wood
    3. Finishing
      1. Polish Acrylic
      2. Polish wood and put finish
    4. Assembling
    5. Fixing
  10. Assembling

Screenshot (39) Screenshot (40)

Figure 1. All steps of the process from the Gentt Chart

Some of the procedures in the process will be completely new for me such as writing software in PureData, working with raspberry pi and building a case of acrylic and ply wood. I’m expecting a lot of problems which i’ll face in the process of building device as well as new material that i’ll need to learn. Considering this two aspects I left more days for me to work on the project.

List of steps 2

Figure 2. Gantt Chart for 13 weeks of building process.