While studying in Emerging Media program at Entertainment Department at New York City College of Technology I was getting knowledge in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, programming and design fields. In my final project, I want to gather all my skills in order to build a Sound Sequencer I was thinking about for a long time. This project “Dynamic” will become my main object in the portfolio as a first big practical implementation of my skills from college as well as my skills in music.

After graduation, I will seek a position of creative technologist and afterward creative director. To get the position of creative director I need to have strong knowledge in all my studies and also have a good experience in a field. The final project is a beginning in my career of a practical work. The project “Dynamic” is a sequencer that will use samples, sounds that are loaded or recorded by the user, to create music putting them in 16 steps with custom tempo. The sequencer will be equipped with raspberry pi which will make possible for it to work independently from an external computer. This part will be challenging for me as I didn’t work with raspberry pi before. Also, I would like to install touchscreen and make all surface of the device interactive with the user.


The device will include computer inside the system to work independently for external ones. I will install Raspberry Pi 2 with software that will be written in PureData. I also will install a touchscreen to control some of the options on the device such as choosing samples, changing settings and changing simple features. All other features will be controlled by pressing buttons and turning knobs. Users will be able to upload more samples using SC card. I’m also considering to install speakers and make possible the connection to Ableton. All buttons and knobs will have led diodes inside as a design aspect for better work in a dark place.

The case for the sequencer will be made of light ply wood and two layers of plastic and polished acrylic for the main working area of buttons which will be lighted with blue LEDs. 



At the end of the semester, I will present working device with a manual for it. For the presentation, I will also complete my OpenLab portfolio with all documents including my schedule, lists of materials and details, details drawings, sketches and prototypes, tables of the budget as well as my calculations of a power needed for this device and storage. Also for the presentation, I will prepare a poster with all needed information.



For this project I will use open source PureData software and Raspberry Pi software. Also for the presentation, I will use MaxMSP to make an interactive projection. I prefer to work on the project in college lab rooms and consider to use some of the tools. However, all detail I will buy by myself.