Journal 8

At this internship, it has showed me that you can’t stay in your comfort zone. That most jobs are going to expect you or encourage you to do a job that you’re not used to. On October 29th, I remember participating in a community outreach event on Saturday explaining to be at the fair about an upcoming project my community is working on. Just the process of understanding the project, knowing its location to attract people into joining this group was a challenge. In the beginning it was kind of difficult to talk to people because I didn’t know much about the project and I was kind of nervous. But once I did a little bit of research and got comfortable with the crowd, I was able to articulate our “Tiny House project”, and get people interested in the company’s event. It was exciting and different from my usual job, but it reminded me how important it is to articulate my work and incite people of my ideas and creations.

Collaborative poster design for Tiny House Project  :


Thank you,

Darius Richards



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