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ADV110-Color interaction pairings (RESEARCH)

I try to find 2 different examples of color interaction, the ones that i find were those 2 by Josef  Albers  wich basically demonstrate the interaction of the colors and how it make them changed base on the color they have in the background.

In this one we can clearly see how the background color affect the foregrounds.

In this one is a little bit harde to see but you can see the color interaction between the background and the foreground.

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ADV1100-Saturation studies

For this project i start by looking at my color wheel, then i decided wich colors i was using then, i cut the 6×6 squares and start mixing my painting, the chromatic gray studies were easy because it just required us to desaturate the color until it was barely impossible to tell what color was, so it was really easy, to desaturate some colors for example ¬†red i use the complement of red wich is green and continue adding green until it looks completely desaturate. For the Muted ¬†i do the same¬†process¬†that i use with the chromatic gray but this time i add a little bit instead of a lot so i get the muted effect, this one was the hardest of the three to accomplish the assignment.The prismatic was the easiest of the three because i basically just use primary and secondary colors and it was fine.

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View From My Window

To complete this project i use a lot of time and dont even make a really good work, i got to remake my final work like 3 times becuase i didnt cut correctly my figure and ground drawings.My ink thumbnails were decent but i think that i need to improve my drawing skills to be able to come up with better work for next class. Overall i think my work was decent but i could  do it better. The most difficult part of this project for me was to focus on my window to draw the thumbnails, because i get distracted really easy.

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Visualizing sound

Since im  not use to hear calm music i decide to look for some Bethoven and Vivaldi music to make my legato patterns, at the beginning i just feel like the music was very flat the only pattern that i could think of was straight line. After a couple of times of failing with those i start to think that some circles may match the type of music and i think that i create the thumbnails  successfully.

For my staccato patterns i used a couple of songs form my phone and i use the one that we listen at class ¬†“another one bite the dust.” ¬†I think this were way more easy to create just because im ¬†used to hear this kind of music. My patterns were basically lines with a little bit of repetition and some others shapes. I think that the one that was ¬†really successful was the one that is like a vortex just because is how i imagine that music would look like.

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