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Visualizing sound

Since im  not use to hear calm music i decide to look for some Bethoven and Vivaldi music to make my legato patterns, at the beginning i just feel like the music was very flat the only pattern that i could think of was straight line. After a couple of times of failing with those i start to think that some circles may match the type of music and i think that i create the thumbnails  successfully.

For my staccato patterns i used a couple of songs form my phone and i use the one that we listen at class ┬á“another one bite the dust.” ┬áI think this were way more easy to create just because im ┬áused to hear this kind of music. My patterns were basically lines with a little bit of repetition and some others shapes. I think that the one that was ┬áreally successful was the one that is like a vortex just because is how i imagine that music would look like.

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