Deven Guerrero- Reflection of me

Hello, my name is Deven Guerrero and I am 21 years of age. Since young, I’ve always asked myself, “What career do I want to pursue when I become older?” Being born and raised in New York, I am familiar with the opportunities and it’s something that I, as a student should take advantage of. At New York City Tech, I’m seeking to expand my knowledge, personally and academically. Not only to become a better student, nor to only improve the path of becoming a present and future industry leader, but to enhance lives of others around the world.

I’m currently majoring in Hospitality and Management, and as a student at City Tech, my academic goal is to learn and expand my knowledge within that field. The more I learn within the field, the more options I’ll have to decide what I really want to do. Main reason I chose this major is due to my passion for learning about how large industries bring in revenue, implement their businesses, and most of all, my interest in culinary arts. I’ve always been interested in business and marketing for several reason. My dad owns his own business which I work for, and I’m aspired to be someone like him in the future in a business perspective. This personal experience in business will allow me to understand business in the hotel industry as well. For the past three years, I’ve developed a passion for cooking and since then, I’ve improved my culinary arts at home by helping my mother cook, and watching the Food Network. After realizing how much I love to cook, the hospitality and management major was right for me because it will help me specialize my skills in culinary arts. Before entering City Tech, I was a student at BMCC and my major was computer networks. I recently received an associate’s degree under that major when I completed my first two years of college. Main reason I didn’t continue taking Computer Networks at City Tech is because I wasn’t passionate about it and it’s something I couldn’t see myself doing long term. I chose that major at first because I had industry connections and because of the money tech specialists make yearly. Now, I’ve learned that I should always strive to pursue a career in something I am interested in, disregarding funds and connections.

As a present industry leader, I see myself improving other lives. My short term career goals as an industry leader is to own a restaurant with a high end restaurant in it. I would love to manage my own hotel business, along as providing a menu of my specialty dishes for a high end restaurant in the hotel. By pursuing this, not only will I be able to master my skills in managing a business and mastering culinary arts, but I can spread culinary, and business knowledge amongst young and future leaders. I’ve developed this interest of enhancing other lives because it is a reflection of who I am. I enjoy helping others, seeing people happy, and that’s something that makes me happy as well. My reflection of who I am will enhance my professional attributes and will allow me to do what I love to do best, and that is, improve the livings of others financially and help them enhance what they love to do.

It’s difficult to determine where I’ll be in the future, but becoming a future industry leader is something I’m currently striving for. My understanding of a “future industry leader” draws an image in my mind of a 40 year old me being this leader. As a future industry leader, I see myself achieving one of my dream goals, and that’s to open up a non for profit to provide for the homeless around the world. Hopefully, by then, I’ll have several restaurants, and hotels to provide enough funds to accomplish my main goal in life.


In conclusion, I’ve always asked, “What do I want to become in the future?” The answer to that is through education and my passion for learning will help me pursue that. As a student at City tech, my main goal is to learn as much as I can in life for wisdom. As a present and future industry leader, I look forward to becoming someone who will not only make enough funds to provide for my own family, but to provide for the homeless around the world. I also look forward to becoming someone with great knowledge and wisdom to spread amongst others and improve the way we live as a society today.




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