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I am interning with the not-for-profit organization. The organization has eight board members, including the founder, and Chairman. In 2015, the organization was officially started with the hope of providing services, assistance, and resources for immigrants and others who are neglected in underserved communities. The mission “is to work with New Yorkers of all origins to help build economically stable and sustainable communities.” There are eight board members and over fifty volunteers who help the organization thrive through multiple channels, including Communication Marketing, Finance, and Business Development. The organization is public and accessible through many means that include volunteering, donating, and acquiring services.

The organization needs donations from investors, individuals, and other agencies who wish to partake in social justice throughout New York City and beyond. The primary business is to help all members who reside in underserved communities, regardless of age or immigration status, obtain services that will better their lives. These services include public school admission, assistance with college applications, applying for scholarships, job placement, financial counseling, legal services, immigration services, senior citizen health insurance services, and most other lawful assistance. The organization strives to serve underserved communities.

I am interning in the Communication Marketing Department and responsible for the design that will either be housed on the website, printed, and mailed. Currently, I have designed the cover for the June Newsletter. I made four prime versions and four alternates. I received positive feedback from my direct supervisor and have gotten a better idea of the varieties of designs I can create. My second assignment is to design a page layout for an article with a theme of Spring and Cherry Blossoms. I submitted three ideas, and I’m waiting to hear back with feedback. These first two weeks have been a positive experience, and I look forward to the remainder of my time with them.


Article 1: (I’m commenting on content form the website because there are not any recent articles)

The website of the organization I am interning with this summer lists many options for areas of interest for potential investors and clients. The webpage is nicely organized, with each category accompanied by an appropriate image, icon, and text. There are eight categories: agriculture, education, energy, financial inclusion, health, housing, water & sanitation, and workforce development. These categories are key insights and a beneficial way for an outsider to learn about the services and missions of the organization.

Each category goes into specific information that includes: the amount of money invested, other companies helping to provide the service and the number of individuals impacted by the benefits. In addition to specific information, the organization addresses why the category is essential and their execution plans.

The page layout is arranged excellently. It’s clear and user-friendly. Each category explains the pros and cons and the ways the organization is serving. The housing category: $31,250 invested in breakthrough innovations, 14 housing companies are providing services, and 2,961 individuals are impacted positively by their approach. The information is bold, to the point, and will easily keep the attention of the viewer. It allows me to understand the impact of the services afforded to those in need and the resources invested into the outcome.


Article 2:

The organization I am interning with this summer offers many services to its clients. These include educational, financial, immigration, insurance, and legal guidance. Those core services enable members of underserved communities to obtain prime assistance to services that are not readily available where they reside. In addition to that, language barriers and fear of immigration status often interrupt a person from utilizing beneficial opportunities for themselves and their families. The organization strives to support those who are often overlooked, obtain services safe and professionally.

Educational services included are scholarship opportunities, public school enrollment assistance, college application guidance, and tutoring. A combined approach allows for optimal success for parents, children, and students. Financial assistance options include banking, wealth management, and tax preparation. Those services empower an individual to save, optimize tax returns, and learn other intelligent ways to invest.

Immigration assistance is crucial in our climate. Many undocumented individuals are neglected and do not utilize services due to fear of exposure and retaliation. However, many of the services are for undocumented residents and will help to improve their lives. Services include employment, obtaining skills, utilizing applications including asylum and refugee, marriage, family, temporary work visas, waivers, and other resources for the undocumented community. The list is vast and includes a large assortment of other beneficial services too.

Insurance guidance ranges from auto, business owners, claims, personal liability, disability, employers liability, specialty, individual and homeowners insurance, and workers compensation. These services are crucial for allowing one to protect him or herself, their business, and their homes. Many people in underserved communities may lack these services because of language barriers, the complication of the process and may not know they need it or are entitled to it.

The last category is legal guidance. This category includes a realm of assistance: legal, law services from civil, criminal, entertainment, immigration, labor, real estate, and injury. The organization provides a plethora of services ranging from small to large and minor to extreme. One person at a time, lives are improving because of the organization’s commitment to supporting underserved communities.


Below are the designs i completed during the first week of my internship. Do you have a favorite? Which version do you think they are going to use?


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