Ethics in Graphic Design – Confidentiality and Resources

The work that I do at Calling All Graphics uses the policy of not using any copyrighted work. As long as it explicitly says that we can use it for commercial uses free of charge, that is how we figure out which design elements we can borrow and utilize in our work. The companies we work with provide us with their logos and trademarks to use in our works, especially when working on banners and deliverables.

We weren’t given a document in regards to confidentiality, because in this line of work, transparency is key. We talk to the clients in regards to each step of the creative process to make sure it’s what they want and if they have anything that would require changes before we finalize it all. We send them what we have and if they need any changes, then we make those changes. In regards to confidentiality as a whole, we have agreed to not partake in sharing certain information for the safety of our supervisor and the business she runs.