TUTORING – Instrumentation

Student Procedure for tutoring:

  • Your instructor will tell you that they are referring you for tutoring, explaining to you what your weaknesses are.
  • CHECK YOUR CITYTECH EMAIL for email from either Professor Bilello or Professor Kupsch telling you the date and time of your tutoring session. (If you are unable to attend this session it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to notify either Prof B. or Prof. K who will make other arrangements.
  • FAILURE TO SHOW UP FOR TUTORING WILL BE DOCUMENTED and may affect future tutoring sessions.
  • You must bring your Typodont and unsterilized instruments to the tutoring session.

GOGGLES ONLY – No other PPE required.

Tutoring times & locations:

  • Monday     10-11 & 11-12                                              Clinic A (senior side)
  • Tuesday     1-2 & 2-3                                                     Clinic B
  • Thursday     3-4 & 4-5 (evening students ONLY)   Clinic B
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