budget and calendar for culmination project


Sep 30 October 10October 22November 11final
Character model 1 completeCharacter model two complete, beginning unity VR experience set upCharacter model 3 complete, finishing touches on the look and feel of unity VR gallery setupCharacter model 4 complete, Testing experience for bugs and user interface testing.Final iteration and gallery setup.


Estimated: $0

  • Vr headset – $300
  • PC ( inl. Mouse and keyboard) – $900
  • Monitor – $200

Week 7 project 1 game assignment- David Dominguez

In this project  I decided to create a row of yellow boxes that would destroy on collision rather than the previous idea of adding a particle system. I assigned the code given to each cube for it to be destroyed when the character controller came into contact with it. Each cube gave the player direction in where to go and the timer above gave the sense of urgency. The player would race to the hilltop and fall into the open water to reach the final cube hovering over it. I enjoyed working on this project as it gave me a chance to use features of unity that was unknown to me. I will continue to experiment in the future to create different experiences with unity.


link to my github repo for this project:


link to a video of my project:




immersive experience #1: museum of other realities

In the museum of other realities I was able to experience different virtual experiences at the same time. The most notable one was of a creation by Liz Edwards. She is famous for her virtual reality paintings in google tilt brush. In the experience I was able to shrink to the size of the picture displayed and jump through different portals in her illustrations. as I traversed the different rooms of her piece I began to notice the intricacies of her style and how she was able to blend illustration and 3d modeling to such a refined point. I also was astonished on how such an interesting way of displaying ones work can be achieved through virtual reality. It inspired me to give VR painting a shot and I was hooked for a while. It was large in part to this piece that I was inspired to abandon my painting major and switch to the game design track. Over all it is a very well made experience that takes full use of the VR painting medium to the point of complete immersion into the piece itself.


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