Extra Credit Woman in comics

Extra Credit

First off I really enjoy this illustration because the colors standout to me especially when it comes to the water element. I get a really fun and funny vibe telling me the artists has a good sense of humor and can be a gamer. I mentioned games because of the characters used in this art work, for instance it looks like he has some rats in a banana boat chasing a small adorable tiger with an eye patch but, the tiger seems to have a friend because the tiger is riding a huge fish in the sea and the fish is all orange with ocean blue eyes and scary sharp teeth. Over all this piece of illustration is all around appealing to the eye with great color pallet and seems to have some sort of story line or it can easily turn into a series of cartoon.

extra credit

This Other art work from the same artist is really brilliant. This illustration actually takes me to a place almost looking beyond the work its self. Like just looking at the young man flying in space I get and timeless feel of adventure. I want to know what happens next or at least where does the young man end up. However, I love his advance jetpack suit the flames aren’t huge like a rocket would but its small and seems sophisticated telling the audience its very advance. I really enjoy how he really made space feel real like he doesn’t have any planets or stars from the average person would think of when you hear space but he has like these small circles that bond with the background which starts off with a touch of a faded-out pink on the top right of the canvas and ends up with a rich purplely space background. And finally which helps sells the space feel the hair on the young man you can see its floating with every element in this illustrations.

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