Video Project

Interview With Enan O’malley

At first making this video was a challenge for me because i couldn’t get the right angles i wanted for my interviewer. Be as it may i decided to be a true videographer and went with the flow. In addition, to this processes i found it difficult to use adobe premiere pro but then i decided to compare the program to other software like iMovie and i was so surprised how similar they both work systematically.

Using both help me figure out how to use adobe premiere. I also based my Interview off of the interviewer’s personally because i feel it’s important to project the person your interviewing to come across the way they want to be seen. So i sat down with Enan and he enjoyed my approach to this project. This thought me how to work with this person in the real world and it showed me how to compromised or work rather with the client on matters of how they would like to be depicted through my work. Thank you this was a brilliant process.

Strength & Honor