Design Journal #28

In this project I’ve learned how to create a neat and clean composition by using maskin tape or painting tap. These tapes are very useful.

This project also taught me how to point out the colors in album cover.

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2×2 zoom frame

The image with a two by two frame around it emphasis’s the diamonds in the image. I like how the middle diamond is so off put compared to the others. When using the frame I noticed that that the diamonds were not as evenly placed as I once thought but it gives them a good feel. This image is simple yet pleasant to the eye.

this image with the 2×2 frame make this image seem very simple. It focus’s on the organic shapes in the middle of the frame. Its hard to tell what the background really is which makes it an interesting picture.

In this 2×2 frame it captures the entirety of the image even though its shrunk. Just the the ladder image its hard to tell what the original background is, but the strips slowly decrease in size and lead to a very interesting image.

This image hides just a little detail behind the 2×2 frame. It is the dead center of the image and has most of its attributes but still is very clear and simple.

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Article about design

A article that I’ve read on the New York Times called ‘Virtual Reality Has Arrived in the Art Word. Now What?’ It explains how virtual reality is now being used as a new way for people to see artwork. It can now be used to send people into a virtual new world of art. Virtual reality has started to become very popular now. You can even get it on your phone free! It is one of the ways that new technology is growing in modern age.

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This is the site for COMD1100 Tues/Fri 11:30-2:00


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