02CASTS-articleLarge Old statues and architecture are being plastered by different artists in order to practice the techniques. Such practices were used in the 1800s prior to making the original sculpture.

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I find it really interesting that artists and other people who care for art take good care of the different works of art and keep them in good condition even if they need the texture and colors to be renewed and updated.

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An article found interesting.

When first seeing this article I was hit with quite a throwback seeing the Iconic “I love Lucy” Lucille Ball. At this day and age most people may or may not know who that is but my mom made her quite known to me. My mom’s name in Spanish is Lucia but translates to here as Lucy so seeing this article really caught my attention. Now seeing that her old scary statue was replaced only makes me happy to know the true spirit and beauty that is/was Lucy is now current in the new statue. As a fan I think its very important no matter the artwork to always have an accurate representation of a character weither it be drawing, scuplting, painting and so on.

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Article i found with an interesting, slightly morbid, design/art concept. Christof S


I found the taxidermy interesting even  though it is pretty strange. I wouldn’t think someone would come up with something so strange and to design it after a wedding is even more so. Seeing as it took him 2 years to finish he put a lot of thought into this and I think the concept of this “at death they did not part” wedding design was original.

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Article that I found with an interesting design. Anderley Fequiere

I found this article interesting because of the fact that they distorted this man’s face to emphasis how strangely this man got to where he is in Hollywood. The design shows the feeling of strangeness perfectly due to the fact that they used a black and white filter to give a dramatic feel and which had drawn my attention to it.

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This is the site for COMD1100 Tues/Fri 11:30-2:00

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