Where do you go for inspiration?


The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero online

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  1. rami boukabache says:

  2. 3 sites that inspire me:

    *Instagram: Art work, Nature & Science, Food design, and Miniatures.

    * <– For product design

    * <— Button Poetry, Video Game Walk throughs, animated shorts, and travel.

    -Sheba (Sarah)

  3. -Instagram: Art, Fashion, StreetFashion/Art, Food…etc for Fashion and beauty … etc
    – for Photography

  4. Jordanny says: Gaming, Comedy, Art Art
    -Twitter: News, Art

  5. Jordan Hill says:

    The 3 websites that inspire me is :
    1. Youtube- Gaming, Drawing tutorials
    2. Deviantart- art work
    3. Instagram- art work

  6. Ivan Cabrera says:

    •YouTube- How to draw video tutorials
    •DeviantArt- Good place to observe and think of new ideas for a drawing like mashing up different styles
    •Instagram, Facebook, & Google- Tips on cartooning or looking through images of superhero comic book art

  7. Adriana says:

    The three sites that inspire me:

  8. Alana Langyel says:

    3 Websites that inspire me: Art related pages – Art blog – Fashion/culture blog feed

  9. Websites that inspire me are: – many great artists (check out mike inel) – i like his art style – Artwork of my one of my favorite games

  10. 3 websites that Inspire me are: [more like 4]
    – – Great site for digital/traditional art etc. to post their art.
    – – Filled with unique posts and images that people place on their blog.
    – – Just like Tumblr in a sense but more image based and DIY inspired etc.
    – Instagram – Artist post their art here and gives me inspiration for my own drawings.

  11. Lena Lin says:

    3 Websites that inspire me are:
    Instagram- people from around the world post their amazing artworks and photographs
    YouTube- many people post soothing speed drawing videos as well as vlogs about funny things that happen in their lives.
    Facebook- the people who inspire me (friends and family) share little details about their lives and pictures from their travel/from their day

  12. Steven says:

    websites that’s inspires me:

  13. The three websites that inspire me art:
    For YouTubers, this website has been the most popular website that can inspire you since there are so many videos relating to sports, romance, live streams, technology, school, studying, art, music, etc. It’s all here.
    Many artists come together to join in on this site for either selling or just displaying their art for the world to see. If there is any style of art that you love you can find it here.
    For all of those that love music whether it is for studying on those math problems, for those that are trying to sleep peacefully at night, or for those that are trying to come up with the next big thing, Spotify is here. Various genres of music that can help you fall into the zone of passion are right on your portable device and cpu.

  14. Angel says:

    Three websites that inspire me are
    YouTube for comedy, action, animation, information, and mainly music
    Kissanime for animes that are comedy romance action and adventure
    Facebook contacting family members, seeing what people think of the world and what’s going on

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