With innovation, imagination, and originality, Deborah uses her textile and design knowledge to create and inspire.

Mission Statement

Contemporary, fast-moving, and energetic, Deborah makes ideas happen quickly and does mind taking risks. Her communication style is friendly and approachable. Motivated by the lasting effects of her work on others, whether she directly interfaces with the people she is helping or she implements programs that assist others at a distance, Deborah believes that at the end of the day, what matters most is the difference that is made.


Deborah is building a dream and making a strategy to accomplish her goals, and then monitoring and assessing her progress to make sure she’s on course. Setting goals guarantees a focused commitment to a mission.
Having a clear sense of direction, improved work ethic, and maintaining a healthy partnership in the workplace will improve morale and help support Deborah’s goal.


Over the years, Deborah’s goal is to earn professional certificates, strengthen her communication skills, strengthen her networking skills, and obtain another degree. Her vision is to work as an apparel designer and visual merchandiser at a brand of her choosing, and also get a job as a textile designer and a Buyer, throughout this learning processes she then eventually wants to start her own sustainable brand.

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