Week 1:

I found out that the technical Advisor whom I was initially scheduled to work with would no longer be available, so I had to find another.  I contacted Professor Adam Wilson, who thankfully stepped up to the task.   I also began to work on my first track, so that I would have something to present when I sat down with my Professor Wilson.

Week 2:

I met with Professor Wilson and we discussed my deliverables and my timeline; this was a meeting that was signed off on (refer to Culmination Meeting Slip on the appropriate page).  I continued on with my scheduled preparation sessions, making certain to not fall behind.

Week 3:

I continued on with my scheduled preparation sessions, making certain to not fall behind.  I also met with Professor Wilson, unofficially, to share with him my progress and to receive feedback.

Week 4:

This week was interesting because I started an internship which I’m working for 24 hours per week over 3 days, with about 3.5 – 4 hours travel time per day.  The result was restructuring my time to getting the sessions done through the weekend.

Week 5:

This week I made “leaps and bounds” in finalizing the arrangement of track 2, and then got well into track 2. I will be meeting with Professor Wilson on Tuesday 10/10/2017 to discuss my progress and gain his insight.

Week 6:

This week I had my second official meeting with professor Wilson, in which I presented my progress, since the last meeting.  As always he gave me valuable feedback and pointers on my workflow.  During the course of the last week I decided rather than “cram” my project together and possibly not meet my deadlines, that I would revisit some older tracks that I worked over the summer.  This idea was prompted by the fact I now working on a demanding internship and I have time available.  By going this route, I am confident, continuing to put hours in on the weekends, that I will meet my deadline of before the Thanksgiving break.

Additionally, I began to tweak my final poster, and presented the first draft in class for feedback from Professor Terao and fellow students.