For my Culmination Project, I propose creating an EP consisting of four (4) original tracks of Techno Music.  I came to New York City College of Technology as a Disc Jockey, interested in expanding my knowledge of sound for live settings, the fundamental mechanics of sounds, and ultimately how to take my passion for Dance Music to a higher level.  It would then be a natural progression to go from playing other people’s music on to making and playing my own productions.

Having taken Sound Technology, my understanding of how sound works was enhanced.  My introduction into the creative side was broadened in Sound for Multimedia where I was charged with learning and working with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for my own materials. In Sound Design, I went a step further with my interpretations applying the techniques of adding depth and location to my creations.  The capstone would ultimately be to showcase how the acquisition of this acquired knowledge translates into a finished product that would open the door to of my professional development.