Fraglight: Shedding Light on Broken Pointcuts in Evolving Aspect-Oriented Software

N921 300 Jay St., Room N921, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Despite providing many benefits, Aspect-Oriented Programming can experience complications as software evolves. Because the paradigm relies on queries over the program’s dynamic execution, certain program changes can adversely effect behavior. Deciding which queries have broken is a daunting venture, especially in large and complex systems. In this talk, Dr. Khatchadourian will present his ongoing, joint work on an automated approach that recommends likely modifications to aspects due to a certain code change. The approach has been implemented as an open-source extension to the popular Mylyn Eclipse Integrated Development Environment plugin, which maintains focused contexts of entities relevant to the task at hand.

More than Words: Advancing Prosodic Analysis

N906 300 Jay St., Room N906, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Understanding prosody is critical to understanding speech communication. Spoken language processing (SLP) technology that approaches human levels of competence will necessarily include automatic analysis of prosody. Despite the importance of prosody in spoken communication, researchers are often unable to reliably incorporate prosodic information into applications. One explanation is a lack of compact, consistent, and universal representations of prosodic information. This talk will describe the state of the art in prosodic analysis and its use in spoken language processing with a focus on the development of new representations of prosody.

Big Data Challenges and Solutions

N906 300 Jay St., Room N906, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Speaker: Ashwin Satyanarayana Big data is set to offer tremendous insight. But with terabytes and petabytes of data pouring in to organizations today, traditional architectures and infrastructures are not up to the challenge. This begs the question: How do you … Continue reading