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ADV1100 Graphic Design Principles 1

ADV1100 Graphic Design Principles 1

Jenna Spevack
Communication D...|ADV1100|Spring 2013

This foundation design and color theory course explores graphic communication from idea development to final execution. Through hands-on experiments, collaborative learning, and individual projects students will […]

ADV1103 Foundation Drawing, SP14_Tues

ADV1103 Foundation Drawing, SP14_Tues

Alice Zinnes
Communication D...|ADV1103|Spring 14

This drawing course introduces basic concepts, tools, techniques and the role of drawing in design, illustration, animation and games. The course will also cover projection systems, plans, elevations, sections, […]

GRA3532 Print Prod, FA2014

GRA3532 Print Prod, FA2014

Prof. Matthew C. Lange
Communication D...|GRA3532|Fall 2014

Print Production for Designers focuses on current print production procedures that can ready designers for real world policies, procedures and accountability. Understanding printing processes is an essential part […]

HMGT1101PerspectivesD402, FA2013

HMGT1101PerspectivesD402, FA2013

Lina Romasanta
Hospitality Man...|HMGT1101|Fall 2013

An overview of the history, likely directions and organizational structure of the hospitality industry and its role in local, national and global economies. Students are introduced to the nature and scope of the […]

General Biology II: Bio1201

Prof. Marie Montes
Biological Scie...|Bio1201|Fall 2012

This course is the Lecture component of General Biology II. It focuses on the study of all organisms, with special attention to humans. During the first part of the semester we will focus in the study of […]

HUS1207 NYC Hus, FA 2014

HUS1207 NYC Hus, FA 2014

Human Services|HUS 1207|Fall 2014

Human Services Seminar

Advanced Career Writing

Professor Bradley
English|Eng 3771|Fall 2014

Students will perfect the art of writing business documents, memos resumes

ADGA Internship

Joel Mason
Communication D...|ADV4900|Spring 2014

The ADGA Internship course on OpenLab enables students to share their internship experiences with fellow students and faculty via journal posts and comments on the Course Site. Course Info: Assignment to […]

Community Health Nursing, HD 14 (30705)

Community Health Nursing, HD 14 (30705)

Aida Egues
Nursing|NUR 4010|Spring 2014

This course builds upon the student’s knowledge of nursing and provides the requisites required for practice as a community health nurse. The focus is on health promotion, disease prevention and maintenance of h […]

Graphic Communications Workshop

Prof. Mary Brown
Communication D...|GRA1111|Spring 2012

Course Description This course introduces students to core concepts in the graphic communications field. Lectures will provide historical perspective as well as examining current practice and future media trends. […]

Math 2680 Differential Equations, Spring 2014

Suman Ganguli
Mathematics|MAT2680|Spring 2014

An introduction to differential equations, with an emphasis on analytical methods for solving ODEs.

ARCH3522 NYC Arch, SP2014

Robert Zagaroli 3rd
Architectural T...|ARCH3522|Spring 2014

A historical analysis of the city’s infrastructure, real estate development, municipal planning and ordinances and key building using the comparative method. The development of a megalopolis. (more to come…)