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ENG 1121 D424 Spring 2017

Sarah Schmerler
English,Humanit...|1121|Spring 2017

Be articulate. Be persuasive. Believe in yourself and your ability to acquire and share knowledge. In this course, we foster strong and confident writers who know how to read critically and articulate their […]

English 1121:: The real-time laboratory for persuasive writers and speakers

Sarah Schmerler
English,Humanit...|1121|Spring 2016

Strong and confident writers who are comfortable marrying content and form graduate from this course, which focuses on essay writing while building analytical-reading and critical-thinking skills.

ENG 1101 LC22/CD322 Fall 2017

Sarah Schmerler
English,Humanit...|1101|Fall 2017

Attention Freshmen Writers: Armed with simply a pen and paper, we solve life’s complicated problems by breaking them down into simple steps. “In life there are no easy answers – or, are there?,” says our Mis […]