Court observation

The court case that I observed was “Matter of Marian T (Lauren R.)” From October 2020 . It was discussed/argued about the mental capacity of an adult adoptee on whether she was able to consent to her adoption. It was said that she had an intellectual disability and that 2 psychologist believed that she was incapable of making decisions on her adoption. The other party argued that the people she lived with, in their care it seemed as though she felt loved and happy.

Although it seemed as though the party who wanted the case dismissed was very aggressive during her argument, some of her points did not seem valid enough. She talked about the adoptee not being able to inherit assets and the judge strikes a valid point that she can inherit assets from her adoptive parents. Also, she claimed she wouldn’t get medical benefits, but I don’t see how it matters who her parents are in order to be medically taken care of. I believe the judges were very firm and asked valid questions to both parties. Also, I found it surprising that someone over 18 can get adopted.

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