Law and Cultural assignment

 A cultural source that I have chosen is a movie. The movie title is  Jolly LLB 2. It was released on Feb 9, 2017. It was written and directed by Subash Kapoor.

As I summarize this movie.  The movie is about a lawyer who Tricks a video into giving him money so that he can start his own law firm however he is filled with guilt and shame. when he learns that she has committed suicide and that her husband was a victim of injustice. Therefore then the lawyer submits a case about his husband and tries to win the case so that he can get justice for her. Also in the way of getting justice. The lawyer gets a lot of threats because A lot of big people blood involved in this prophecy. The lawyer get shot by some goons. Although he survived and come back again to fight the case. In the end, the lawyer discovered that a police Inspector is involved in this Fake encounter at the end the lawyer discovered that a police inspector is involved in this fake encounter. The inspector released the real culprit and encountered the other innocent boy. After finding out the truth the lawyer wins the case and justice gets served after finding out the truth the lawyer wins the case and justice gets served.

In the civil law and procedure course, we learned about various provisions of law. According to me, I deem that this movie is a great preview of civil and criminal law case. In this case, I saw that how victims suffered till they get justice. Also, I hold that the court system should be fast Because as I saw in the movie and in real-life the court cases took many years. Therefore The cases should be solved first so that the people can move on with their life as they want.  Furthermore, as I saw in the movie that at the end when the witness called in the box. The witness gave the right information to the police however when he gets in the box and just ask him who you are then he said something else. The information that he gave to the police was totally different than the information that he gave to the judge. Therefore I learned That the things say to the police is not advisable in the court. However, somehow the lawyer approved the witness wrong and that’s how he won the case.


My reaction to the cultural source is that this movie portrayed a real sense of civil and criminal cases. I said that because in this movie both civil and criminal things are involved. Like the widow who attempted suicide and her husband who got killed in a fake encounter by an inspector. It has affected my view of law and my interest in the legal profession because these cases happen every day somewhere in the world. Therefore whenever I see something like that it really pushes me to become a good lawyer and help those people as much as I can beyond then I can.

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