The Freedom Writers

I choose the movie name “The Freedom Writers”, release in 2007 but now it can be found on Netflix. It’s based on a book that was published in 1999. It’s about a young teacher who inspire her students to learn about tolerance and applying it to themselves and pursue their education in school because the school is a warehouse for the students to hang around and drop out and also really diversify where blacks, asians, latinos and white folks are part of violent gangs that don’t get along.

The reason why I choose this movie is that violence and death are so present right now with whatever’s going on and people’s voice are not being heard and seeing history repeats itself is just tiring. People are confronted with violence in their neighborhood that sometimes they feel like they don’t have control over it. I remember a part of the movie when the teacher ask a student about his graduation and the kid said something like “I don’t even know if I’ll make it to my sixteenth birthday”. This kind of relate to what’s happening to black people who are afraid for their life because their skin is a treat and no one should feel that way.

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