Revised Course Calendar

Greetings ENG 3771 Students,

I have revised the course calendar to reflect the correct dates that we meet on Wednesday evenings. I have also given some thought to the higher-than-anticipated level of interest in resume and cover letter writing that some of you have experienced. Because our schedule is inflexible at best in a once-per-week class, I’ve decided to approach this in several ways:

1) Each of you will have the option to include a resume and a cover letter as one of your portfolio documents.

2) We will address resumes and cover letters as frequently as possible in our larger discussions of “business communication.”

3) We will spend more time during the last two weeks of class (Weeks 16 and 17) to cover resumes, cover letters, and communications.

I will also be coaching you individually on your online communications with me. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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